Roof Tops and Windows

I always loved rooftops ,big or small mysteries windows  or windows with shades ,ahh French windows

and balconies which opens to wonderful views .And sometimes these windows and balconies could be looking just another rooftop or another window which is another story because this way also I could imagine other people’s lives .Altogether another world . I do not think I would ever get bored living in a city where houses look over rooftops with balconies. This love for old houses and rooftops has its own long history deep down of my memory.

I remember that Ramadan late nights in my home town Eskisehir.., when I was a child and later teenager . I am not a   religious person but I loved Ramadan .I loved early evenings at my balcony looking down the street and seeing people carrying their freshly made ,hot  pide breads to their homes for Ramadan dinners. This seen made my heart full of warming feelings and love for humans and of course anything with food and balconies ,windows and people watching.

Later late at night ,I used to get up to have a tea and eat some cheese and olives .This is what most people do at Ramadan nights .People get up around 3 am to eat a light meal . This is  preparation  for  next day .I sometimes got up to just to look at lights coming from other house”s windows from our kitchen window.These lights were far enough for privacy but close enough to feel their energy .  It felt good to drink my tea and look at stars and others windows . I imagined all kinds of stories about their  lifes must be like.. I wondered. Everyone has a story .  I have also always loved painting and pictures which shows people looking out from their windows ,views from a window so on. These paintings or pictures are my soft spot when it comes to art.

I guess I made my case why I would not get bored in a city with beautiful balconies ,rooftops and cute windows ,ohh and I should not forget flowers .

I travel alone a lot. And I found out one wonderful feeling being alone traveler is that I could just sit somewhere and just watch the people pass by or just look at the beautiful displays of flowers on their window.

I put this picture which I took in Cartagena. This city is amazing . a dream comes true for lovers of old houses and rooftops.


About Elvan Savkli

I am someone who always stand behind the good and justice.I believe that people should have integrity and love for living.
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