Mid August

It is mid August .And it feels not like August  at all . It has been feeling more like Fall .It is cool ,hot and little bid rainy. All sky needs is open up and cry. Cry ,cry ,cry .Tiny drops are coming down everyday and stops. I am praying for heavy rain. Ohh my god ,how good this would feel. Almost I am feeling the agitation of the sky and the clouds. How amazing the effect of weather on my soul and well-being. I feel like crying for a long long time but I can not. Therefore ,the mid-August sky and I have something common this time of the year in NY. I am saying this about NY because my time is ending mid- September here. Ohh I am happy  and sad. Happy because I could not live here forever.Now I know there are much nicer places for my well -being and for my soul.The why am I sorry?.Well , I wanna take as much as pictures about NY for my own documenatation.

ok , i will continue tomorrow.


About Elvan Savkli

I am someone who always stand behind the good and justice.I believe that people should have integrity and love for living.
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