I have decided to simply my life. I was quiet good two years ago with this concept. However I am back at making things harder. And I have really enough of it. Now I really know how important it is. Clutter makes life harder. If our hands are full ,our surroundings are full with unnecessary  clutter ,our minds are full ,too. 

My apartment is full of things that I do not want or need now. Things are easy to let behind. Some reason I can not let go the clothes and shoes. Why? .I spent so much money on them.Why? .I have noooo idea now.NONE. NADA. Now when I look t them I realize Ido not need them . They do not define me at all. They do not define who I really am. 

I have learned some good lessons last one year. It is wonderful life out there so I f something makes you unhappy and puts you under a lot of stress to begin with maybe it is not what you wanted to begin with.


About Elvan Savkli

I am someone who always stand behind the good and justice.I believe that people should have integrity and love for living.
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