Mexico City

girl on the roadFor a long time ,I wanted to visit Mexico . One reason was obviously Aztec and Maya ruins.Later in life my reasons have chanced .The food and seeing different land scapes and culture and politics and human connection became more prominant.

I have spent last one year in New York city. During my time In New York ,I visited two times Colombia which I really love so much. When my time was ending in New York ,I wanted to visit Latin America again. I have a Mexican friend ,Mercedes ,who lives in Mexico City. Therefore I also wanted to see how she lives and how life is in Mexico City.

Mexico City is a huge place and it is all spread out. Apperently 20 million people  lives in Mexico City. My first impression when I arrived to this city on my way to  my friend”s house was how it looked like Istanbul which is huge just like Mexico City.

I mostly travel alone.I do not have a boyfriend or husband and most péople outside of travellers and people like me can not even understand going places to visit ,if it is not a holiday ,beach resort.

I like country sides ,small towns and nature ,oceans ,mountains so on. When travelling alone ,big cities have a lonely feeling. It is eaier to feel at ease and happy in smaller places. Solo people easly could make friends in smaller places .Big cities are harder obviously.

So when Mexico City pop up in my mind ,I wanted to contact with Mercedes .She was happy and she told me that I could visit her. So I thought this could be a good start for  my trip. I also prefer to meet with locals to get the feeling of the country. How they think and feel about themselves and outside world. Class difference, education ,which part of the country they are from and obviously their individual personality contributes how they see themself and the world. But one thing never chances is this:Never belive anything you watch on TV or what you read on newspapers.  And people have all kind of perceptions and beliefs which are nothing to do with the complex realities.

During my visit, Mercedes has a young son around 22. He a few times told me when my lips slip and when I accidently  used the word Incas instead of Aztecs(upps).” Oh Peruvians are ugly people , are you telling me ,we look like Peruvians?” , he said to me-:).I was  amazed with this attitude. I have been to Peru and Peruvians ,especiallty the ones around Cusco ,natives are beatufull people. And he also many times contadict himself saying that there is no similarity between Mexicans and Native Mexicans .For an outsider this does not make much sense . Obviously most Mexicans are somehow mixed with eachother .I told him about the news how a native pregnant Mexican woman was thrown away from the hospital ,and she just looked like most Mexicans I have seen on the strrets ,he did not like that.

And Real Mexico is so different than what  North Americans think in America and real Amerca is so different what Mexixans  think about America also…-:)))).This is another subject matter. Amazing how they are so close and so far away.

Oh by the way ,Mexico City is not dangerous place as many people told me when I told them I was gonna go to there.By the way none of them reallyy visited here never ever.

These are a few absurtities some idiots told me-:)):

Stupid guy: Oh ,You are going to Mexico City?

Me: Yes , I will l.Have you ever been there?.

SG: Yes ,I have. It is very very dangerous.

Me:Oh ,so how was it?

SG: I was only in Texas ,There is a lot of Mexicans.I dont know how Mexico City is.

SOO you lier why are you saying you went to Mexico then???_::))))))).I have a few funny conversations just like this one.

This is gonna be really exited journey.


About Elvan Savkli

I am someone who always stand behind the good and justice.I believe that people should have integrity and love for living.
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