Mexico City

It is a glorious day here. Or it was. I t was sunny and kind of a warm .It is cool here in Mexico City not hot. I prefer hot places in these days .I love warm weather by the beach or in nature. Another type of weather I like is rain .There is nothing like listening rain drops and the smell of it. Right now It started to rain. Well ,the clothes ,laundry which is hanging outside will be wet again -:)).Image

I have not seen much of this city yet. It is better probably to take it easy . Until now I am enjoying soft tacos. They are totally delicious and nothing to do with the American-Mexican Tacos . More like a Turkish Sheep-Head and tribe restaurant style and flavors. Himm hiim. Most people I know won’t eat any of this stuff, period. In   Turkey and some parts of Europe   innards are still considered a delicacy. And unfortunalty it is getting very hard to get it in Turkey in these days. I love it. When I was in Izmir .I was in heaven because 

Mexico City is a sprawling, throbbing stew of 20 million people .Big big place. I could already see there is a lot of layers in this city. And it will take long time to discover everything. Like any so called third world country ,some natives live without being aware of all these around them. Unfortunately. I wanted to visits “Cantinas” which I read alot about them. Cantinas are like Puns in England or maybe more like bars in Prague .They have a lot of personality. When I told my hosts this. They told me “They have never been in one.”.Actually I think until I told them they were not aware places like that.  And Mexico City ‘s citizens are  known as chilangos .A little bid side knowledge . I learned Half its population of 20 million lives in poverty.But I have not seen anything extreme yet .




About Elvan Savkli

I am someone who always stand behind the good and justice.I believe that people should have integrity and love for living.
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