Not to See

Is pretending to be  ” Politicly Correct ” is being open minded or other way around?. I believe and I observed it is other way around mostly. And I was correct. I highly recommend Noam Chomsky ‘s explanation of where and how “Political Correctness ” was created.

I came across many times living in Canada for a while ,many people just say things without really believing or understanding because they are being taught  to play this word ,mind game. And the reason ,they are ok with it is they are not comfortable being around different behavior .Therefore ,political correctness gives them a way to put distance from others and draw boundaries towards something they don’t like or hard time to relate. So the reality of other is not being accepted. It is like looking at a lush forest and saying no it is not a forest ,it is a city so on…

Funny thing is  this harm mostly the ones less privileged or ethic groups and cultures. Politically correctness takes all the means and tools to express and protect otherness. It is basically saying everything is beige and there are no other colors .


About Elvan Savkli

I am someone who always stand behind the good and justice.I believe that people should have integrity and love for living.
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