My Pigeon Friend


Life is beautiful with all the little details. And it is more beautiful when we slow down and recognize these little details and appreciate them .Life feels good when we stop and look these little blessings on our way . And this gives life happiness. This puts smile on our faces. And it is contaginous .Once someone told me ” happiness is a feeling”-:). Yes ,indeed it is a felling  .While I am writing this sudden remembrence  of a  scene from one of my favorite movie came to my mind. And put a big smile and happy feeling in my soul. In the movie ,our main character Dave’s teenage daughter is in love with another ,of course. teenage boy. The boy secretly comes to visit her in the country side home of Dave’s parents. When Dave discovers him .He puts him in a taxi and sents him back. While the taxi moving slowly ,the girl starts to scream “I love you , I love you”. And turns to his father and says ” you are a murderer of love , a murderer of loveeee.” Next the Dave stands the woman whom he likes  a lot. She says ” wow , your daughter has strong feelings” Dave repeats the words which the young boy told him a few minutes ago to impress the woman. Which is” the love is not a feeling, it is an ability .” When the woman hears this ,she says to Dave ” then you have hack of a daughter with great ability’.

I don’t know why but this just jump into my mind while I was writing ” happiness is a feeling’. And also happiness is ability at the same time.

Lets go back to what made me write this blog suddenly. I am somewhere now which I really like a lot .It is nothing to do with what most people think great I guess.

I came back to this magical city again one more time  which is Cartagena. Walking to my place , I pass by one little shop .I stop by there to buy drinks time to time. And there is a pigeon there always. It is magical because this pigeon is very friendly and it is always there. Today I even touched it and he was perfectly friendly. While I am walking to go my place  also I keep seeing many  dogs and cats .They know me and I know them. When I first visited this place ,there was even a cat which was visiting around same hour every night and wanted to play with me.  I am staying in a different room now and windows are different so I am hoping to see her soon again.

My walking path to my place is full of warm surprises and this is a very happy feeling.


About Elvan Savkli

I am someone who always stand behind the good and justice.I believe that people should have integrity and love for living.
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